HOYA iSert® 230 (Clear) / 231 (Yellow)

HOYA iSert® 230 (Clear) / 231 (Yellow)

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HOYA iSert® 231 Preloaded IOL system


Model names UV Absorbing IOL (230), Blue Light Absorbing IOL (231)
Optic material Hydrophobic Acrylic
Optic design Aspheric
Manufacturing Lathe-cut and tumble polished
Haptic material PMMA
Haptic Configuration Modified-C loop
Diameter (optic/OAL) 6.0 mm/12.5 mm
Power +6.0 to +30.0 D (0.5 D steps)
Injector iSert® Preloaded IOL System
Front injector tip outer diameter 1.89mm
Nominal A-constant 118.4

The mentioned A-Constant is presented as a guideline only for lens power calculations. It is recommended that the A-Constant measurement be customized based on the surgeon’s experience and measuring equipment.