Sclerectomy Implant Esnoper clip

Reference VCLIP-AJL
Description and indication The ESNOPER CLIP uveoscleral implant is a non-absorbable implant whose double-plate design provides two drainage channels: Trabecular (intraescleral and supraciliary) and uveoscleral that facilitates the drainage of aqueous humor.
The ESNOPER CLIP uveoscleral implant is indicated for non-penetrating deep sclerectomy (NPDS) in open-angle glaucoma surgery.

For implantation, the notched plate must be inserted in the suprachoroidal space and the upper plate is positioned on the scleral bed. The lateral notches are design for the implant to be secured perfectly, this preventing movement, without the need for sutures.

Dimensions 5.50mm X 1.30mm X 2.20mm.
Orifices 3 (drainage).
Material Hydroxyethyl Methacrylate (HEMA).
Package The ESNOPER CLIP implant is supplied single and sterile in a vial, housed by a clamp support that is immersed in high purified water to maintain it properly hydrated.
Shelf-life 3 years
*Product with CE marking

EPNP surgical equipment

Definition NPDS Kit (non-penetrating deep sclerectomy) Kit.
Description The NPDS Kit is presented non sterile in a rigid plastic blister with the following items(*): references are grouped(*):

EPNP-2001Liebermann Blepharo 14mm. • EPNP-2004Mermoud Clamp.
EPNP-2002Double Scleral Marker. • EPNP-2005Curved micro-scissor.
EPNP-2003Mermoud Spatula. • PST-4600ASterilisation box (10x16x2 cm).

* The instruments can be supplied as a set (NPDS Kit) or separately