TL-6800 Auto lensmeter

·Hartmann sensor with 145 measurement points, ensures better result for progressive and multi-focus recognition and more accurate results
·Green spectral measurement light source
·Higher level hardware, good tracing performance of the optical system and faster measurement speed
·Can measure lens of low transmittance rate (≥5%), sun glasses with dark color, tinted lens and polarized lens
·UV measurement
·Data can be transferred to auto phoropter

  measurement range Minimum measuring value
Sphere 0~±25D 0.01D、0.06、0.12D、0.25D
Cylninder 0±10D 0.01D、0.06、0.12D、0.25D
Cylinder axis 0~180°
Prism 0~20Δ 0.01Δ
ADD 0~+10D 0.01D、0.06D、0.12D、0.25D
Lens diameter Φ10mm~Φ119mm
Product size 203(W)×233(D)×471(H)
Product weight 4.5KG
Power supply AC 110V~240V,50Hz~60Hz,35W